Calves: AWF / TSB

The video shows 227 calves being transported for fattening from Poland to Spain in 2015. They rest less than 18 hours instead of the mandatory 24 hours and therefore exhibit signs of exhaustion. The calves are estimated to be very young – 2 or 3 weeks old -, some still have their umbilical cord. Their young age make them unfit for transport. 2 downer calves are reloaded too despite the fact that they are not fit for transport. They receive no veterinary assistance and one calf dies during transport. They do not get any liquid or rest, and stay on board for 14 hours without being fed. After arrival at the destination, a downer calf is left unattended in the unloading area.

Note by the investigators: Unweaned calves have to be fed with milk replacer or electrolyte solution, which is not possible on board the trucks so they do not receive anything to drink. They are very weak upon arrival and thus receive antibiotics to avoid getting sick or dying.

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