Calves: Eyes On Animals

This video contains footage from two journeys, one from Latvia to the Netherlands and one from Poland to the Netherlands.

During the journey from Latvia to the Netherlands, several calves were trampled by others. One collapsed shortly after unloading while two others were unable to stand up, resulting in them being harshly dragged by their legs and lifted by their tails. During transport, many calves show signs of dehydration because the drinking system is not suitable. In addition, the driver went over his driving hours: 14 hours instead of the 9 hours maximum.

The calves transported from Poland to the Netherlands have to endure similar difficult conditions. The drinking system is not suitable and it does not function properly. The calves seem underweight, they look exhausted and some suffer from diarrhea. In some compartments there is insufficient space: When calves lie down they are at risk of being trampled on by other calves. The handling is very harsh too: The weaker calves are pulled because they can’t stand up.

Note by the investigators: Unweaned calves need milk but receive water with electrolytes instead, which doesn’t contain enough nutrients for them. They thus receive antibiotics upon arrival to avoid getting sick or dying.

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